Things you will miss out on in your pursuit of becoming a doctor

I love my school and the opportunities it affords me. The positives certainly tip the scales over the negative. In life it is important to have a positive mental attitude (if you listen to any punk music, or hardcore punk you’ve certainly heard of this song by Bad Brains and likely subscribe to this attitude).

Below is a list of things that I have missed in my pursuit of becoming a doctor. This list will remain unorganized for now, until it grows large enough to be categorized. I will also put a second list for people to share. This is not meant to evoke pity, rather it is meant to give people an understanding whether, or not they are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to become a doctor. I want to make it clear that I am happy with my choices to pursue this career and lifestyle.

I just do not feel I would be honest if I solely wrote the positives. Also, since this blog is aimed at people who are not in medical school (hopeful applicants, or curious readers), to understand what medical school is one must see it with transparency.

Things I have missed in my pursuit of becoming a doctor:

  1. Summer vacation that all of my siblings and their spouses attended (I was in the prematriculation program).
  2. Girlfriend’s birthday dinner with friends (cadaver lab, we had a practical the next week).
  3. Girlfriend’s grandfather’s 6 month death and life celebration in Florida (prematriculation program)
  4. Being able to practice music with my old band (no longer enough time).
  5. Best friend’s birthday party in Atlantic City, NJ (studying).
  6. My own family reunion to honor my grandfather’s 1 year passing (block exam)
  7. Thanksgiving break half of it spent studying for a block exam while my siblings visited.
  8. Competing what was supposed to be my first International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Pro tourment (studying)
  9. Girlfriend’s actual birthday was day before biggest block exam of OMS-I (studying)
  10. Best friend’s bachelor party (a month out from boards)


Things my friends have told me they missed to complete their studies:

  1. Funeral of a fellow medical student (wow).